“She’s Got Legs…”

There are a variety of ways to hold up a table, desk or bench. If you’ve been looking for live edge furniture, you have no doubt seen many techniques used. I really enjoy seeing how different craftsmen finish their pieces. I like when other live edge pieces come together to form the base. The tree trunk approach makes a very massive and substantial lookingProduct photos by NLSWorks contact Nancy  at:  nlsworks1@gmail.com table. Legs are sometimes fashioned out of roots, branches, or other slabs milled to size. And then there is the tactic of simply finishing a slice of the trunk and laying it flat in all its mass as a low table. You really can’t miss when you’re using wood as a base.

But I have a fondness for balance – the yin and yang of combining metal with wood is very appealing to me. While you can get pre-fabricated legs and bolt them on, this practice seems like too much of a short cut. I typically don’t liProduct photos by NLSWorks contact Nancy  at:  nlsworks1@gmail.comke simple hairpin legs bolted to the bottom of a hefty slab of wood. While it can be a very contemporary, sleek, or mid-century modern look, many of the pieces I’ve seen end up looking top-heavy or unstable. Here at Arboriginals, we put a lot of ourselves into the legs as well as the tops. The bases themselves are works of art – sculptural – with a real eye for balance, synergy with the wood,Product photos by NLSWorks contact Nancy  at:  nlsworks1@gmail.com and sturdiness for its functionality.

Because we handcraft the legs as well as the table tops, we are able to mix and match, adjust the design for a desired height, create the vision you have for your furniture. If we create a leg design you love, we can often adjust it to fit the height you want, giving you something trulProduct photos by NLSWorks contact Nancy  at:  nlsworks1@gmail.comy customized.

There are some ‘rules of thumb’ for table and chair heights as seen in the chart below. You can see that even within each category there is a range. If you are buying a table think about the ideal height for your personal preference. And as always — contact us to discuss your specifics!

Typical height of furniture with legs:

Bar 41-43″
     Bar Stool 29-32″
Counter 35-37″
     Counter stool 23-28″
Extra-Tall Bar 44-47″
     Extra tall bar stool 33-36″
Dining Table 29-32″
     Chair 18-21″
Sofa-back/console table 30-36″
Desk 29-32″
Bench 18-21″
Coffee / cocktail table 18-24″
Low End Table 22-26″
High End Table 26-30″

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