It’s been a loooong winter!

Here in the great pacific northwest we are a quarter of the way into May and still have failed to really feel the warmth of spring. MANY April showers have produced the usual May flowers, but it’s been hard to find a day warm enough or dry enough to really enjoy being outside. So our attention has turned to some indoor projects and using the materials that are, nevertheless, finally beginning to dry and cure!

For me that has meant a new bathroom! Pat and I have designed every aspect to inspire you to think about how you can modify your surroundings to let nature in. Our little “showroom” is found in the pictures attached and include: counter top, shelves, light fixture, switch plate and electrical outlet covers, picture frames, towel hooks (or hooks to hang whatever you want..!) and a bonus cabinet “upcycle” idea. In the course of the bathroom redesign, I needed some custom shelf brackets – something he tackled with skill, adding to the warm, rustic feel we crave. We’ll be adding these to our product lines as a way to continue to marry the beauty and Yin of natural wood and the Yang of hand crafted metal, creating a balanced feng shui.

Additionally, the winter has been a time of experimentation for Maiki, who has been having fun building rustic boxes, trunks, and assorted other “treasure” boxes. Tool boxes, toy boxes, kindling boxes, truck bed accessory, jewelry boxes, vinyl LP storage boxes are just the start of this product line. Some are made from hand-milled slabs of various logs we have in stock, and some are ingenious up-cycling of reclaimed wood we have on hand. You’ll also find some great metal accent work and structural elements in these beautiful pieces . Check some out: destined to become favorite pieces!

As always – stay tuned as we continue to grow and evolve!


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