Is it spring yet?

The weather here in the Pacific Northwest has been torturing us with its indecision!  Can we work outside today?  Or are we relegated to indoors work?  Well in the mean time Pat has discovered the joys of Epoxy Resin.  It started with a trip to LaPush where we were inspired by the miles and miles of driftwood and rocks – I could spend endless days beachcombing!  I especially love the rocks that get wedged firmly and, I assume, permanently into the logs.  We remodeled our bathroom with a countertop in which we turned the live edges into the center, creating a ‘river’ which we then filled with rocks and covered with Epoxy.  I love, love, love how it turned out and you’ll see pictures in our products pages.  They he started working with coloring the resin.  Many of our newer tables have some element of epoxy.  I love that it seals the little nooks and crannies that might otherwise collect dirt and critters, yet preserving the depth, patterns, and color variations that are natural to the wood.  It seems like a good idea for pieces that will be directly involved with food prep or service, don’t you think?

During the wet winter we played around with some smaller projects involving both plants and candles.  I’ve got some thing that need to be posted for you to see.  Come back soon to seen them!

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