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Our name, Aboriginals Live Edge Furnishings, comes from combining the Spanish and English words for trees (arbol and arbor) with the originality of the products we create.  Live Edge is a term that refers to wood that has been milled in slabs or rounds with attention to leaving the edges of the pieces with the natural shape created by the growth of the tree.    Furnishings refers to the fact that we make and sell furniture, but we also create home décor and other useful, smaller objects that will warm your home or business by bringing the beauty of nature into your space.

Large or small, our pieces all start with downed timber acquired from a variety of sources abundantly growing in our corner of the country.  We attempt to use every part of the tree – even down to the shavings and sawdust which we save and use for chicken bedding and garden mulch. 

Washington state is well known for its timber, primarily conifers such as Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, and many varieties of pine and spruce.  Various species of maple are also abundant, as well as fruit trees both wild and from the many orchards in the region.  Soft woods and hardwoods, while different in character, both make beautiful material for furniture and décor.  The natural beauty of the wood grain can be enhanced by careful attention to the finishing process. 

We really love the neglected, rotting, gnarled and twisting trees that are commonly removed by responsible tree owners for safety, or downed by the wind during one of our winter storms.  Twisty trees, root balls, and burls tend to have beautiful grain patterns.  Old and rotting trees benefit from the work of insects and other decomposition factors with glorious markings, wormholes, and intricate patterns among the growth rings.  Once we open a tree to reveal its grain, our creative process begins.  Decisions about function, form, and finishing come to us once the tree ‘reveals’ the secrets of its core.  We like to think of it as picking up where mother nature left off – a partnership between the Creator and the artist!

Tables of every kind need legs.  Whether it is a low coffee table, a lamp table, a dining table or bar, we handcraft the legs that support the tabletop.  We employ several methods of metal fabrication that will make the piece a truly unique artistic endeavor.  We also create legs from parts of the tree, unrelated trees, and the roots themselves.  Please visit our catalog for examples of each.  If you have a special need, we can tailor the piece to meet your need!

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